Justin Bieber’s Plan to Have Baby in 2021

Justin Bieber’s Plan to Have Baby in 2021 – Good news come from the pop superstar Justin Bieber and his wife Hailey. They are planning to have a baby in 2021. If this is real, then the news would be a great thing to anticipate. Unfortunately, the news are not announced by Justin himself. Then how could it be the headline in various magazines?
– The Beginning of The Rumor
It all starts with a comment on Justin Bieber’s social media account. If the comment is written by a fan, the reaction won’t be big. However, the one that leaves comment is Dwayne Johnson “The Rock”, another famous celebrity. He is known to be one of Justin Bieber’s best friends. This is the main reason why people take his words seriously and think that he is dropping an early hint.

The picture commented by Dwayne Johnson is Justin’s shirtless photo while holding his new niece, Iris Elle. Recently, Hailey’s older sister, Alaia Baldwin gave birth to a daughter. She is the first child for Alaia and her husband, born on August 17, 2020. Naturally, Justin and Hailey are the first ones to congratulate the couple.

At the same day, Hailey also post a picture of her holding her niece. The caption says “aunties girl”. On Justin’s picture, the caption is about welcoming the niece and him adoring the cute baby. Dwayne then says that the picture “pretty much seal the deal” and proceed to wish Justin posting his own baby photo in 2021.

How the Fans React
Although the speculation travels as fast as lightning, some fans are upset for Dwayne’s action. In their opinion, his act could be seen as the invasion of private information. For a news like baby planning, the couple should announce it to the public. In addition, the plan of having babies does not always work well. This is comparable to the failed techniques used by the players while betting on https://multibet88.online.

Previously, Hailey has mentioned that she and Justin plans to take careful steps to have a baby. Both wish that their baby could be an anti-racist and someone who have good manners.

When a popstar is going to have a baby, the whole fandom will cheer. Although it is a great news, the decision should be announced by the couple. Otherwise, it is only a rumor and possibly a breach of privacy. The rumor that Justin Bieber will have baby is still a speculation.

How To Contact With Justin Bieber Fans Club?

How To Contact With Justin Bieber Fans Club?

Whether public approve or not, Justin Bieber Fans Club is probably the biggest fans club available. It takes almost 30% of the total fans of the other idols. With this number, anything could literally go viral within minutes. Then how to let them know about the great Justin Bieber project? – Email As there are many fan bases, the most effective way is contacting by email. Visit their website and go to contact us tab. Usually, there will be a form to fill. This setting might not be the best option. If possible, try to go through the website and find certain email address. It goes directly to the admins inbox. This email address could also be found in the social media. Surf a while in the internet, and visit the Belieber’s page. The information about the contact and email address is usually found in the left side of the page. – Forum Another good place to spread Justin project is a forum. Some sites offer free entry forum. It means anyone could step in and join the discussion. There is no need to register as the official member first. A forum is considered one of the most accurate option, as the number of people reached could be seen clearly. Even though forum could be the promotion shortcut, the promoter has to be extra careful. Not all of them are fond of intruders, especially those who come just to promote and then leave. Make sure to blend in the conversation before publishing the announcement. How To Contact With Justin Bieber Fans Club– Gathering While email and forum could be categorized as the online marketing, gathering is the real life side. The promoter could easily find the information about the monthly and annual gathering. Again, blending is important. Never try to come and hand out pamphlets to all of them. The natural way to join the gathering is preparing gifts. The promoters could also give a little funding support to the committee. In return, the promoters could ask for a minute or two speech, announcing about the project and how they hope the fan club could contribute. Isn’t it simple? In a promotion strategy, it is important to include thousand people to join an event. One of the strongest fan base is the Beliebers. Any event project that includes Justins music will attract Justin Bieber Fans Club. Instead of waiting for them to come, why don’t you just come and knock at their door?
Justin Bieber Fans Club And Twitter Domination

Justin Bieber Fans Club And Twitter Domination

It is not surprising to learn that Justin Bieber Fans Club could be the sole reason of the idol’s all kill winning in various music show. It takes less years for Justin to be popular. This could happen only by one social media: Twitter. So how does exactly the domination take place?

– The Personal Interaction
Just in case any of you haven’t heard, Justin is currently the most loved young idol. The fans come from different age and gender. After the news about the idol’s official account is published, millions people are following him on twitter. Some other idols do similar tricks, but what makes Justin different?

It would be the personal interaction. Justin is known to be active in his social media. He never hesitates to reply his fans who mention him with sweet words. One time a fan who wonder what it is like to be noticed by Justin? got a reply: like this I noticed you. The simple words triggers more tweets that day.

– The Idols Promoter
Another reason for the Twitter domination is Justin himself. Instead of asking manager or admin to give update, he does all by himself. Within a day, he continuously tweet about his activities. There are many times when he shows the back stage filming for a commercial or photo shoot.

Upon receiving such trigger, many fans are being loyal and wait for the next update. Each of the latest tweet then re-tweeted by the other fans. Imagine this cycle happen for the last twelve hours! Justin hash tag would fill the trending topic of the world.

Justin Bieber Fans Club And Twitter Domination– The Reminder
In addition to the schedule and activity, Justin is also a good reminder. Whenever he is nominated for an award, he will remind the fans to vote for him. Without question, the loyal fans are willingly doing so. The fans will tell the other fans to vote also. Some even make tutorials for those who are not familiar with the steps. As the result of his continuous effort, Justin has the most followers. It takes several popular stars followers combined together to catch up with Beliebers.

In the modern day, city tour promotion is not the only way to gain fans attention. Compare the old strategy with the newest one: Twitter. It is installed in many fans phone and the idol could simply tweet and reply. This interaction makes Justin Bieber Fans Club go crazy and rule the trending hash tag.

The Setting in Any Justin Bieber Fans Club Base

The Setting in Any Justin Bieber Fans Club Base

Those who join Justin Bieber Fans Club online might be invited to a meet up. Upon their arrival, there is the trade mark setting that could be ignored. The non-fans might find it disturbing, but the fans just love it. All of the properties are just what they need for the gathering.

– A Room Full Of Posters
It is easy to notice the place for the meet up. Once the member steps into the room, there will be Justin literally everywhere. There is almost no empty space. It takes a while to prepare it. A loyal fan would put up the posters of Justin from the younger version to the latest version.
These posters could be purchased on the official store. Some might come with the album. The creative fans sometimes snatch some pictures from internet and print them. The fans really do whatever they need to get the setting done. Some even make a fake album box for display.

– Karaoke Time
A fan should not be called a fan if they don’t memorize Justin’s songs. It is the absolute support for the second setting: karaoke time. It is not just a normal karaoke. The fans will play instrumental version through their cell phones. The singing starts right after the song starts. Some fans even take the karaoke to a different level. First, they might try to do a low budget cover. Another option is the random dance challenge. This is only possible for a huge fan base. Last but not least, the fans might want to record the video of them singing together.

The Setting in Any Justin Bieber Fans Club Base– Letter to Justin
The last setting might not happen as it is. Several fans love to write letters to Justin, probably imagining if Justin is her boyfriend. Some others prefer to make a scrap book of Justin. It covers any news and favorite photos of the idol. Then, the owners usually share the story behind each photo and why he or she picks them.

Another similar setting is sharing session. This option is opened when there are rumors or bad news about Justin. Sometimes, it also discusses important points; should they go on with the fan base?

There are many things to do in a gathering. The fans could do mini games, watch the latest concert, or even do a karaoke together. In addition to the activity, Justin Bieber Fans Club usually set a room full of Justin poster and albums. So, who wants to join the next gathering?

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