Nothing Can Stop Justin Bieber

Nothing Can Stop Justin Bieber – This pandemic makes us realize that nothing is stable, including a singer career. People are staying at home, concerts and events are cancelled, those can make singer’s income decrease drastically. However, this situation doesn’t stop Justin Bieber to work and produce music, including to raise his net worth.
• The Number is Growing
Well, if there is a saying that nothing can stop Bieber, it is true. Even in this pandemic when his concerts are cancelled, his net worth number is growing up. Bieber increases his net worth from $265 million in 2018 to $285 million in 2020. This number proves that Bieber is still one of the most influential celebrities in the world.

His journey wasn’t very smooth though, yet it seems that he is unstoppable, his net worth is just growing over the years. His successful singles and albums started in 2010, brings him to these recent numbers.

• Scandals Won’t Stop Him, Why this Pandemic Will Though
As the public knows that Biebers was involved in some scandals throughout his career, it didn’t stop him. His image changes as well as his fortune.

Those scandals back then didn’t stop him, even Bieber’s net worth grows up year by year. Started in five thousand dollars back then in 2010 and now his net worth is 285 million dollars. The number keeps going up just like if players keep adding more money in betting, surely will give more jackpots and bonuses.

The scandals don’t make the fact that Bieber is a brilliant songwriter and singer goes away. It can be seen from his concert tickets are always sold out in no time. However, in the middle pandemic like nowadays, his income is still increasing. How though?

Justin Bieber

Pandemic doesn’t stop Bieber in doing other activity such as commercials or producing new songs. Bieber also has other income sources from his business so, that’s why money is still coming to him. He keeps being popular since he is active in social media platforms, and in that way, new contracts keep coming.

He is great, not only in the matter of talent but also number. He knows how to use his popularity and turns it into income. Well, it is expected that his net worth is going up and up in the next years.

The Setting in Any Justin Bieber Fans Club Base

The Setting in Any Justin Bieber Fans Club Base

Those who join Justin Bieber Fans Club online might be invited to a meet up. Upon their arrival, there is the trade mark setting that could be ignored. The non-fans might find it disturbing, but the fans just love it. All of the properties are just what they need for the gathering. – A Room Full Of Posters It is easy to notice the place for the meet up. Once the member steps into the room, there will be Justin literally everywhere. There is almost no empty space. It takes a while to prepare it. A loyal fan would put up the posters of Justin from the younger version to the latest version. These posters could be purchased on the official store. Some might come with the album. The creative fans sometimes snatch some pictures from internet and print them. The fans really do whatever they need to get the setting done. Some even make a fake album box for display. – Karaoke Time A fan should not be called a fan if they don’t memorize Justin’s songs. It is the absolute support for the second setting: karaoke time. It is not just a normal karaoke. The fans will play instrumental version through their cell phones. The singing starts right after the song starts. Some fans even take the karaoke to a different level. First, they might try to do a low budget cover. Another option is the random dance challenge. This is only possible for a huge fan base. Last but not least, the fans might want to record the video of them singing together. The Setting in Any Justin Bieber Fans Club Base– Letter to Justin The last setting might not happen as it is. Several fans love to write letters to Justin, probably imagining if Justin is her boyfriend. Some others prefer to make a scrap book of Justin. It covers any news and favorite photos of the idol. Then, the owners usually share the story behind each photo and why he or she picks them. Another similar setting is sharing session. This option is opened when there are rumors or bad news about Justin. Sometimes, it also discusses important points; should they go on with the fan base? There are many things to do in a gathering. The fans could do mini games, watch the latest concert, or even do a karaoke together. In addition to the activity, Justin Bieber Fans Club usually set a room full of Justin poster and albums. So, who wants to join the next gathering?
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