A Biography of Justin Bieber

The world knows Justin Bieber for his achievements and brilliant career. He is a Canadian top singer who has many hit songs and many fans around the world. His professional career begins at the age of 13 years old when he met Scott Samuel “Scooter” Braun. for so many people in the world. Here is a short biography of Justin Bieber.

– Early Life

Justin Bieber was born in St. Joseph’s Hospital on 1 March 1994 in London, Ontario, Canada. Bieber’s mother, Patricia Mallette gave birth to Bieber when she was underage. His father, Jeremy Jack Bieber and his mother are never married. Bieber lived in Stratford, Ontario with his mother and grandparents. His birth name is Justin Drew Bieber, but later world known as Justin Bieber. While becomes the most popular online gambling site in the world, Bieber becomes the most popular pop singer in the world.

Bieber loves the song and joined various singing competitions from an early age. To support their life, his single mother worked in a low-income job. His mother supports his passion for singing competition and actively accompanied Bieber to many singing competitions. Bieber learns the basics of music and can play various musical instruments, such as piano, guitar, trumpet and drum during his studies in schools.

– Early Career

Bieber joined a local contest in Stratford and won the second position. He brought “So Sick” from Ne Yo. His mother posted his video on YouTube and started to post every single video of Bieber sings in various competitions. His viral video which showed he performed in front of Avon Theatre made public knows about his talented young boy and the news spread.

– Professional Career

As soon as Bieber and his mother moved to Atlanta to record the demo album under Braun and Usher, he released his first EP or Extended Play, titled My World in November 2009. This EP is a hit since more than 137,000 copies sold in a week. In 2010, Bieber is a comeback with My World 2.0 which contains 10 new songs for his fans. The next album is Never Say Never comes in 2011. Bieber releases the next album, titled Believe in 2012. The next album Purpose in 2015 is another hit because the album sold more than before.

Justin Bieber was born in St. Joseph’s Hospital on 1 March 1994 in London, Ontario, Canada. Bieber loves the song and joined various singing competitions from an early age. His viral video which showed he performed in front of Avon Theatre made public knows about his talent. Bieber and his mother moved to Atlanta to record the demo album under Braun and Usher. Bieber has released several albums which becomes a hit in history.

How and Why We Need Justin Bieber Fans Club

How and Why We Need Justin Bieber Fans Club

To interact with many people outside there, joining a club becomes the very first step for everyone to enlarge their appearance in society. This is to consider that they are involved to be part of the artist outer family.

However, people in certain favorite, hobby, or something fond of need “stuff” to share their ideas or feeling toward a thing they consider important. They need their ideas to be listened by everybody with the same favorite hobby or celebrity, where in this case is Justin Bieber’s fans club.

Bieber’s fans club is also considered the first significant transaction for every events held by Justin Bieber’s official such as his album, ticketing, merchandise and others. The huge number of people who love Justin Bieber becomes the first target for advertiser to promote Justin Bieber’s new album or any event he handled. Therefore, the existence of fans club make Belieber stay update about their beloved celebrity career.

How and Why We Need Justin Bieber Fans Club

In addition, gathering with other fan can inspire each other the way to think. By having the interaction, they can create a meaningful result for the celebrity they love and for sure for their own self. This is eventually good to strengthen the will of the club to support their beloved artist.

However, a fan of Justin Bieber need to collaborate with the other fans since they are basically lack of giving their data to their artist. The data here is information of the artist and the other hand the information of the fan since Justin Bieber also need to know who his fans are as well as to understand more about them. This is to create a well-balance interaction between the artist and the fans.

Furthermore, people need Justin Bieber fans club since today’s music industry ease the fans to spend their time to reach their star even in one place. Within this way, people can easily gather deliver their own solution as well as ideas for the good of the star Justin Bieber.

Biggest Justin Bieber Fan’s Club on Instagram

Biggest Justin Bieber Fan’s Club on Instagram

Instagram is a free video and photo sharing from a smartphone used by many people in the world. People is using Instagram to share their photos or videos of their activity in social media. Instagram by today (2018) has more than 1 billion user. Since this application is used by almost people in the world, Justin Bieber fan’s also make a group of Bieber’s fans through this application. However, the huge groups makes it any different. Therefore, some accounts below are the biggest account of Justin Bieber’s fans.

4 Biggest Justin Bieber Fan’s Club Accounts on Instagram
Many people are interested to follow Bieber’s fan club on Instagram since Justin Bieber is one of phenomenal pop singer in the world. Many Instagram followers interested to follow the Instagram group of JB. Let us consider @jbcrewdotcom, this account has 155k followers. This account consist of photos where the fans were taking picture with him in any place or concert tour.

Furthermore, another biggest Instagram account of Justin Bieber fan’s club is @bieberbodyguards. With more than 150k followers, this account is the place to appreciate the men who kept him safely from any harm. Another one is @juiistn with 106k followers that attract the fan attention on Bieber daily videos. It consist of his activity within the family as well as his concert video lists. People will find Bieber is interacting with his sisters and brothers and other families or even sometimes his fans.

Biggest Justin Bieber Fan’s Club on Instagram

In addition, @justinseas is also the biggest Justin Bieber Fan’s club on Instagram since it has more than 240k followers. This account consists of Kodak moments such Justin’s trip with friend and family. Beside, Justin Bieber’s younger sister also often posted some memories of their family. People will find Justin Bieber is a softer kind of person in this account.

Reasons Why You Need to Join Justin Bieber’s Fans Club

Reasons Why You Need to Join Justin Bieber’s Fans Club

Belieber comes from Believe and Bieber which mean a truly love for the star Justin Bieber. Fan and Belieber are considered different. A fan will leave the star just because of a single thing happened to him, but true Belieber will stay supporting him no matter what happen. Whether you are a fan or not, here are 2 reasons why you need to join Justin Bieber’s fans club.

2 Reasons Why You Need to Join Justin Bieber’s Fans Club
Justin Bieber is a young pop singer with his great popularity among other Hollywood celebrities. He is considered the most artist since his fandom is considered the largest one in the world. Being one of his fans and joining the fans club would bring any effect in their life. Therefore, here are 2 reasons why people need to join Justin Bieber’s fans club.

Reasons Why You Need to Join Justin Bieber’s Fans Club
  1. The update info about the star
    If you are a truly Belieber, and willing to know the update information about this pop singer star, joining his very famous fans club is the only choice. Any JB’s fans club would have better and more update info about the star.
  2. Large social connection
    Whether you are a fan of Justin Bieber or not, becoming part of the fans club member would bring you more good than harm. This is so since around 35 percent of the world total population are Fans of Justin Bieber. This huge number of people would definitely enlarge your social connection which then ease you in any larger business.
    Becoming a fan and joining his is the best choice because not only the update information of you will get, but also a larger social connection. Any willing to enlarge your affairs will have better solution from any friend all over the world.
Biggest Justin Bieber Fan’s Club in the World

Biggest Justin Bieber Fan’s Club in the World

Justin Bieber has a huge fan where comes not only from Canada but also all around the world. A country may have more than one official website which represent their fan of the country. However, Bieber Fever is considered the biggest fan’s club website of Justin Bieber.

– Bieber Fever Official Website
This website is considered the most used and most popular among Bieber fans. This website also has many rules for the member and for the one who want to enroll as the member. However, being a member of this fan’s club need a big consideration. Before enrolling the website, they have to be a super-fan of JB other than a mediocre fan. They also have to memorize all

– JB’s songs at least his first album.
Furthermore, Bieber Fever Official Website also has community which come from a different city or even country. Beside, forum is presented to have a long discussion about Justin Bieber. Sharing his photos, videos, news, and others. The chatting forum member have to respect other member. Any news about Justin Bieber is posted in Media chart to be delivered to the forum. The member then can react to the news in forum discussion.

In addition, this website also has a quiz to win Justin Bieber’s ticket for concert. The quiz is handled for all of the member of the club. The quiz can be in form of contest where can be accessed in the special website for the quiz. The contest is commonly in the form of questions. The questions for sure is a simple one which is related to Bieber’s life such as Justin Bieber’s favorite number, birthday, or sometimes their opinion about Justin Bieber such as, do you like Justin Bieber’s new album, what do you think about Justin Bieber, and many other questions that needs to be answered faster than other contestant.

Most Followed Justin Bieber Fan’s Club on Twitter

Most Followed Justin Bieber Fan’s Club on Twitter

Even though Twitter application lately has been rarely used by people, but its existence is still considered by some people including Hollywood celebrities such as Justin Bieber. So it does not rule out the possibility of some fans also updating all information about Bieber on this social media. Therefore, the twitter accounts below are the most followed by Justin Bieber fans

3 Most followed Justin Bieber Fan’s Twitter Account
Twitter existence can still be considered good seen from the users which almost are from Hollywood celebrities. Justin Bieber for sure also has a huge twitter followers as well as his twitter fan base account. However, the 3 twitter account of JB’s fans below are the most followed account.

Most Followed Justin Bieber

1. @JustinBieberFan
This account lately reach 1.31 million followers which is created since 2009. This account has the most followed account with more than 6 thousand tweets in a complex photos and tweets about Justin Bieber. The tweets are ranging from satirical jokes to salivation reacting to Bieber’s photoshoots.

2. @JustinCrew
Another most followed Justin Bieber fan’s club on Twitter is @Justincrew. This account has approximately 1.7 million followers with 128k tweets. This account mostly contain about Bieber’s fan making fun of a photo with meme. The fan would hold something and act as they want then make a meme related to Justin Bieber on that photo.

3. @BieberArmy
This account has about 1.3 million followers and 15.8k tweets which already supported Justin Bieber career since 2009. This account contains photos of the star as well a letter within it. This is one of most followed account of Justin Bieber fans club which commonly contain photo which is comparing Justin Bieber’s look with his previous or old photos.

Those three twitter accounts are the most followed of Justin Bieber’s fans. Bieber’s fans keeps supporting their beloved pop singer on these twitter fans club. However, Bieber fandom would be competitive as it is loved by many people.

How to Invite Justin Bieber Fans Club at the Concert

How to Invite Justin Bieber Fans Club at the Concert

Having a group of friend with a penchant or even the same beloved artist will be very pleasant for some people. Making an activity to celebrate or to discuss the same passion is commonly done within a group or a fans club. For an actor fans, gathering in their favorite concert would be very pleasant to do. However, gathering this group also need tips or ways to invite them. Furthermore, here are tips to invite Justin Bieber fans club at the concert.

How to Invite

2 Ways to Invite Justin Bieber Fans Club at the Concert
Justin Bieber Fans Club is however the biggest fans club ever exist other than any actor fans club. This huge number would exactly make any news about the star going viral in just minutes. Therefore, this club has a big influence on Justin Bieber project such as his concert. Furthermore, here are ways to invite Justin Bieber Fans Club at the concert.

1. by email
The very first way to invite JB fans club at the concert is by emailing them. Since email is a mandatory application for every people, or even a fans club, contacting them by email becomes the most effective way to invite them at the concert. However, people need to firstly visit their website and find the email address available.

2. by forum
Another way to invite Justin Bieber fans club is by visiting their forum. Some forums are provided for free so anyone can come and share their intention. Forum is considered the most accurate option to do since people can see the number of the people participating in the forum.

In addition, Justin Bieber has the most fans club in the world. Therefore, any attraction or project of JB would attract his fans attention to come over. Therefore, instead of contacting them by email and forum, a real fans can come to the center of the fans club.

How to Dominate the Concert with Justin Bieber Fans Club

How to Dominate the Concert with Justin Bieber Fans Club

Attending a concert in the night can increase one’s life satisfaction. Especially when the audience is dominated by groups with the same interests. It is fun to spend time attending the concert of singer we like with other fans. Therefore, many are wishing to dominate the concert with the same beloved singer. Hence, here are ways to dominate the concert with Justin Bieber fans club.
2 Ways to Dominate the Concert with Justin Bieber Fans Club

Concert with Justin Bieber

Music concerts can make us excited like getting a new energy to be more excited to go through the day. Moreover, spending the night watching a concert of Justin Bieber with a friend in arms is consider meaningful. If you are a fan of Justin Bieber, here are 2 ways to dominate the concert with Justin Bieber fans club.

1. Making forum announcement
There are many forums discussing about Justin Bieber. You can just have an announcement and invite them to go to the concert. Usually member of the forum who are near to the concert center will agree to your invitation. However, Justin Bieber has a huge number of fans so will attract many of the fans.

2. Being a promotor
There has always been a good promotor behind a great project. You may share the time and the benefit of attending the concert to all Justin Bieber’s fans and become the reminder for them. A good reminder is the one who know really well the schedule of the concert and the structure events then share it to the other to attend the concert.

Overall, planning everything from afar is an absolute requirement to achieve the goal, which is to dominate the concert with Justin Bieber fans club. This is because many people do their actions when they are approaching D-day. Summarily, strong intentions became the foundation of a success event.

How to be the Best Members of Justin Bieber Fans Club

How to be the Best Members of Justin Bieber Fans Club

As dedicated fans of Justin Bieber, you may have spent quite long time becoming a member of Justin Bieber Fans Club. In the fans club, you must find plenty of people sharing the same interest in this young singer. Knowing that you are among lots of Justin Bieber’s fans, don’t you want to be the best members of all?

Don’t Go Mediocre
Don’t you dare to call yourselves Justin Bieber Fans when you just go mediocre in liking him. If you just slightly like this pop singer, you are not yet a fan. As fans of Justin Bieber, you need to be super-fans. Super fans are the ones that call themselves as Beliebers. Beliebers itself is a name for Justin Bieber’s fans that take the Belieber Community seriously. There must be big differences between ordinary fans and Beliebers. Therefore, be Beliebers, don’t just ordinary fans of him. By doing so, you could stand out from the crowd and be different from other members of Justin Bieber Fans Club.

Master the Lyrics of His Songs
Being super fans of Justin Bieber means you are already the master of the songs of Justin Bieber’s songs. You must spare some time memorizing his song lyrics because this is a very essential thing of being Beliebers. You must know that every real Beliebers know and master all of Justin Bieber’s songs. To start mastering the lyrics of Justin Bieber’s songs, you could start with his older songs in My World and My World 2.0 albums. Find the classic songs of Justin Bieber such as Baby (from My World 2.0 Album) and One Time (from My World Album) to start. From those songs, build up the mastery of Justin Bieber’s song lyrics.

Create Justin-Bieber-Related-DIY
Last but not least, to be the members of Justin Bieber fans club, you need to work with your creativity to create Justin-Bieber-Related DIY. This DIY project could even be more meaningful than just simply purchasing the merchandise of Justin Bieber. This DIY project could also be another alternative to purchasing the merchandise in case you cannot afford them. What you can make is simply home-made art containing the pictures of Justin Biebers organized in artistic pattern. Show other members that you are also creative!

So, have you done those things above? Dare yourself enough to be different from other members of Justin Bieber Fans Club. Make a Justin-Bieber-Related DIY project, for example, then snap a photo of the result, and share with other members. Cool, huh?

The Membership of Justin Bieber Fans Club

The Membership of Justin Bieber Fans Club

There are a lot of funs that we can find in Justin Bieber Fans Club. However, to enjoy the fun from the content in the fans club, we need to take care of our membership in the related fans club. Some fans clubs even have special requirements and even fee. Make sure you know the detailed information below:

Membership Package
Although not all, there are some Justin Bieber fans clubs that will charge you some money if you decide to be the members of the fans club. Before registering yourself and paying some money, make sure that you know about the kinds of membership packages the fans club offer.

Knowing such information is important as different membership package will offer different facility for you. Besides, different membership package will charge you with different prices. Some examples of the kinds of membership package are like yearly membership, quarterly membership, a half-year membership, or even monthly membership.

If you think you are still not really sure you can stay in the fans club for a long time, you could pick the short term of membership package. Then at the end period of the membership, you could decide whether you will extend the membership or not. Meanwhile, you think you really like the fans club along with all the contents and facilities, go register yourself to the yearly membership package. Learn the details of the fans club first before you pick any of the membership package.

Membership Fee

Membership Fee
Equally important, you also need to understand the membership fee charged to you. Short membership package like monthly package is usually more expensive than the yearly one, and vice versa. To give you some example, the membership fee of BieberFever fans club is $99 per year and $26.97% per quarter.

With such amount of money paid, the members will be given certain facilities like Justin Bieber’s concert ticket with special price, free merchandise with the ticket purchase, early information about pre-sales, update about the upcoming World Tour of Justin Bieber, and even free tickets. Different fans club will provide different kinds of facilities as how different fans club will charge the members with different membership fee.

To make sure that your activities in a Justin Bieber Fans Club are running well, make sure you know the detailed information about the membership package along with the membership fee. Choose the package that seems to be the most convenient for you!

The Rules of the Game of Justin Bieber Fans Club

The Rules of the Game of Justin Bieber Fans Club

As fans of Justin Bieber, you may have been a member of Justin Bieber Fans Club. In the fans club, you can do many things such as sharing photos and videos of Justin Bieber with other members. However, do you know that there are certain rules of the game applied to such fans club? Make sure you understand them!

Be Nice
Firstly but importantly, you must be nice with other members of Justin Bieber Fans Club. You may feel like you want to be the best Belieber among all. You can do your best to show it, however, you need to show some respect too to other members. It is highly suggested not to initiate any bad debates with other members just for the sake of showing who is better in being a fan of Justin Bieber. Also, watch out every word you say in the forum so that no one will get offended. Being nice doesn’t cost a penny, does it?

Be Nice

Follow All Rules of the Forum
Second, when in Rome, do like Romans do. You may join more than one Justin Bieber Fans Club. However, you cannot generalize the rules of one fans club to another. Every fans club has different rules you need to comply. When you are not allowed to do something that is permitted in other fans club, follow it. If you don’t like such rules, leave the fans club and join others. Build a peace with other fans club members so that everybody will be happy to join the fans club.

Respect Any Copy Right
Last but not least, you must pay some respect to what others have created. For example, a member of a Justin Bieber Fans Club just created a compilation video about the current Justin Bieber’s world tour and you see the video. Although the video is shared and you are allowed to watch it, do not ever claim the video as your creation. When you think you want to share the videos to your social media, for instance, give some credits to the creator. Be respectful so that other members will do the same to you later when you make your own creation.

The rules of the games of Justin Bieber Fans Club aren’t difficult to follow actually. Every rule of the game is actually the same with how to be a decent human being in our daily life. Be a good member, won’t you?

What The Die Hard Justin Bieber Fans Club Members Do

What The Die Hard Justin Bieber Fans Club Members Do

It should be admitted that Justin Bieber Fans Club spreads in every city in the world. Instead of being the normal fan, some groups take the fan-girling into serious matter. They are not admiring, but obsessing over Justin. How to tell when someone has turned into a ôdie hardö fan?

– Overreacting
It could happen in many ways. Not long after his debut, Justin published a book entitled: never say never. Then this book was made into a movie several months later. The normal fan could buy one book and watch the movie once while the die hard fans can’t. They literally buy several books; one for them to read and the others are for collection. As for the movies, they watch it over and over, always cry every single time. In some extreme cases, these fans could even fight those who bad mouthed Justin. They act like the guardian of their idol, while Justin is chilling out and pay no attention.

– Craving for Concerts
The Die Hard fans could not be happy with the recorded or live streaming broadcast. They have the urgency to attend the concert. In order to do so, they are willing to get in line for hours and even pay millions from the resellers. It happens not only once or twice, but many times!

After the concert ends, the fans could not just walk on their way home. They will stay outside the building, waiting Justin’s car to pass. A simple wave from Justin could make the scream loudly. They consider themselves lucky if they could shake hand or hug him after the concert.

What The Die Hard Justin Bieber Fans Club Members Do– Branding All-In
As a musician, Justin releases his digital as well as physical album seller. As expected, the die fans would be glad to download and buy each one of the album. The songs are on their rotation, online and offline. They might even try to match every occasion with Justin’s songs.

The fans also seem to posses extraordinary hearing. Whenever someone shout or say Bieber, they will hear it. Probably they hope that somehow Justin is there. If not, then they will stare at their phone case or wallpaper all day, looking at Justin’s face.

Some fans just can’t think straight when they hear or see something related to Justin. They claim that it is just normal act of an innocent fan. In fact, they are the die hard fan. The Justin Bieber Fans Club never aim to get the members overreacting over ordinary things!

How To Contact With Justin Bieber Fans Club?

How To Contact With Justin Bieber Fans Club?

Whether public approve or not, Justin Bieber Fans Club is probably the biggest fans club available. It takes almost 30% of the total fans of the other idols. With this number, anything could literally go viral within minutes. Then how to let them know about the great Justin Bieber project?

– Email
As there are many fan bases, the most effective way is contacting by email. Visit their website and go to contact us tab. Usually, there will be a form to fill. This setting might not be the best option. If possible, try to go through the website and find certain email address. It goes directly to the admins inbox.

This email address could also be found in the social media. Surf a while in the internet, and visit the Belieber’s page. The information about the contact and email address is usually found in the left side of the page.

– Forum
Another good place to spread Justin project is a forum. Some sites offer free entry forum. It means anyone could step in and join the discussion. There is no need to register as the official member first. A forum is considered one of the most accurate option, as the number of people reached could be seen clearly.

Even though forum could be the promotion shortcut, the promoter has to be extra careful. Not all of them are fond of intruders, especially those who come just to promote and then leave. Make sure to blend in the conversation before publishing the announcement.

How To Contact With Justin Bieber Fans Club– Gathering
While email and forum could be categorized as the online marketing, gathering is the real life side. The promoter could easily find the information about the monthly and annual gathering. Again, blending is important. Never try to come and hand out pamphlets to all of them.

The natural way to join the gathering is preparing gifts. The promoters could also give a little funding support to the committee. In return, the promoters could ask for a minute or two speech, announcing about the project and how they hope the fan club could contribute. Isn’t it simple?

In a promotion strategy, it is important to include thousand people to join an event. One of the strongest fan base is the Beliebers. Any event project that includes Justins music will attract Justin Bieber Fans Club. Instead of waiting for them to come, why don’t you just come and knock at their door?

Justin Bieber Fans Club And Twitter Domination

Justin Bieber Fans Club And Twitter Domination

It is not surprising to learn that Justin Bieber Fans Club could be the sole reason of the idol’s all kill winning in various music show. It takes less years for Justin to be popular. This could happen only by one social media: Twitter. So how does exactly the domination take place?

– The Personal Interaction
Just in case any of you haven’t heard, Justin is currently the most loved young idol. The fans come from different age and gender. After the news about the idol’s official account is published, millions people are following him on twitter. Some other idols do similar tricks, but what makes Justin different?

It would be the personal interaction. Justin is known to be active in his social media. He never hesitates to reply his fans who mention him with sweet words. One time a fan who wonder what it is like to be noticed by Justin? got a reply: like this I noticed you. The simple words triggers more tweets that day.

– The Idols Promoter
Another reason for the Twitter domination is Justin himself. Instead of asking manager or admin to give update, he does all by himself. Within a day, he continuously tweet about his activities. There are many times when he shows the back stage filming for a commercial or photo shoot.

Upon receiving such trigger, many fans are being loyal and wait for the next update. Each of the latest tweet then re-tweeted by the other fans. Imagine this cycle happen for the last twelve hours! Justin hash tag would fill the trending topic of the world.

Justin Bieber Fans Club And Twitter Domination– The Reminder
In addition to the schedule and activity, Justin is also a good reminder. Whenever he is nominated for an award, he will remind the fans to vote for him. Without question, the loyal fans are willingly doing so. The fans will tell the other fans to vote also. Some even make tutorials for those who are not familiar with the steps. As the result of his continuous effort, Justin has the most followers. It takes several popular stars followers combined together to catch up with Beliebers.

In the modern day, city tour promotion is not the only way to gain fans attention. Compare the old strategy with the newest one: Twitter. It is installed in many fans phone and the idol could simply tweet and reply. This interaction makes Justin Bieber Fans Club go crazy and rule the trending hash tag.

The Setting in Any Justin Bieber Fans Club Base

The Setting in Any Justin Bieber Fans Club Base

Those who join Justin Bieber Fans Club online might be invited to a meet up. Upon their arrival, there is the trade mark setting that could be ignored. The non-fans might find it disturbing, but the fans just love it. All of the properties are just what they need for the gathering.

– A Room Full Of Posters
It is easy to notice the place for the meet up. Once the member steps into the room, there will be Justin literally everywhere. There is almost no empty space. It takes a while to prepare it. A loyal fan would put up the posters of Justin from the younger version to the latest version.
These posters could be purchased on the official store. Some might come with the album. The creative fans sometimes snatch some pictures from internet and print them. The fans really do whatever they need to get the setting done. Some even make a fake album box for display.

– Karaoke Time
A fan should not be called a fan if they don’t memorize Justin’s songs. It is the absolute support for the second setting: karaoke time. It is not just a normal karaoke. The fans will play instrumental version through their cell phones. The singing starts right after the song starts. Some fans even take the karaoke to a different level. First, they might try to do a low budget cover. Another option is the random dance challenge. This is only possible for a huge fan base. Last but not least, the fans might want to record the video of them singing together.

The Setting in Any Justin Bieber Fans Club Base– Letter to Justin
The last setting might not happen as it is. Several fans love to write letters to Justin, probably imagining if Justin is her boyfriend. Some others prefer to make a scrap book of Justin. It covers any news and favorite photos of the idol. Then, the owners usually share the story behind each photo and why he or she picks them.

Another similar setting is sharing session. This option is opened when there are rumors or bad news about Justin. Sometimes, it also discusses important points; should they go on with the fan base?

There are many things to do in a gathering. The fans could do mini games, watch the latest concert, or even do a karaoke together. In addition to the activity, Justin Bieber Fans Club usually set a room full of Justin poster and albums. So, who wants to join the next gathering?