Justin Bieber’s Plan to Have Baby in 2021

Justin Bieber’s Plan to Have Baby in 2021 – Good news come from the pop superstar Justin Bieber and his wife Hailey. They are planning to have a baby in 2021. If this is real, then the news would be a great thing to anticipate. Unfortunately, the news are not announced by Justin himself. Then how could it be the headline in various magazines?
– The Beginning of The Rumor
It all starts with a comment on Justin Bieber’s social media account. If the comment is written by a fan, the reaction won’t be big. However, the one that leaves comment is Dwayne Johnson “The Rock”, another famous celebrity. He is known to be one of Justin Bieber’s best friends. This is the main reason why people take his words seriously and think that he is dropping an early hint.

The picture commented by Dwayne Johnson is Justin’s shirtless photo while holding his new niece, Iris Elle. Recently, Hailey’s older sister, Alaia Baldwin gave birth to a daughter. She is the first child for Alaia and her husband, born on August 17, 2020. Naturally, Justin and Hailey are the first ones to congratulate the couple.

At the same day, Hailey also post a picture of her holding her niece. The caption says “aunties girl”. On Justin’s picture, the caption is about welcoming the niece and him adoring the cute baby. Dwayne then says that the picture “pretty much seal the deal” and proceed to wish Justin posting his own baby photo in 2021.

How the Fans React
Although the speculation travels as fast as lightning, some fans are upset for Dwayne’s action. In their opinion, his act could be seen as the invasion of private information. For a news like baby planning, the couple should announce it to the public. In addition, the plan of having babies does not always work well. This is comparable to the failed techniques used by the players while betting on https://multibet88.online.

Previously, Hailey has mentioned that she and Justin plans to take careful steps to have a baby. Both wish that their baby could be an anti-racist and someone who have good manners.

When a popstar is going to have a baby, the whole fandom will cheer. Although it is a great news, the decision should be announced by the couple. Otherwise, it is only a rumor and possibly a breach of privacy. The rumor that Justin Bieber will have baby is still a speculation.

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