Instagram is a free video and photo sharing from a smartphone used by many people in the world. People is using Instagram to share their photos or videos of their activity in social media. Instagram by today (2018) has more than 1 billion user. Since this application is used by almost people in the world, Justin Bieber fan’s also make a group of Bieber’s fans through this application. However, the huge groups makes it any different. Therefore, some accounts below are the biggest account of Justin Bieber’s fans.

4 Biggest Justin Bieber Fan’s Club Accounts on Instagram
Many people are interested to follow Bieber’s fan club on Instagram since Justin Bieber is one of phenomenal pop singer in the world. Many Instagram followers interested to follow the Instagram group of JB. Let us consider @jbcrewdotcom, this account has 155k followers. This account consist of photos where the fans were taking picture with him in any place or concert tour.

Furthermore, another biggest Instagram account of Justin Bieber fan’s club is @bieberbodyguards. With more than 150k followers, this account is the place to appreciate the men who kept him safely from any harm. Another one is @juiistn with 106k followers that attract the fan attention on Bieber daily videos. It consist of his activity within the family as well as his concert video lists. People will find Bieber is interacting with his sisters and brothers and other families or even sometimes his fans.

Biggest Justin Bieber Fan’s Club on Instagram

In addition, @justinseas is also the biggest Justin Bieber Fan’s club on Instagram since it has more than 240k followers. This account consists of Kodak moments such Justin’s trip with friend and family. Beside, Justin Bieber’s younger sister also often posted some memories of their family. People will find Justin Bieber is a softer kind of person in this account.

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