Facts about Justin Bieber that can make you inspired – Justin Bieber is a top Canadian singer who is famous for many of his hit singles. People know Bieber because of his wealth from his success. However, despite his popularity and glamorous life, he has experienced many ups and downs in his life that makes him stronger. Here are some facts about Justin Bieber that can inspire you.

A Child from a Single Mother

Justin Bieber was born on March 1, 1994 at St. Hospital. Joseph from a single mother, Patricia Mallette. Pattie, her nickname, was asked to have an abortion because she was pregnant at a very young age, but she refused. Bieber was raised by his mother and grandparents. To support their lives, Pattie works in low-income jobs and they live in small housing.

Having Great Achievements since Little

Even though he lived in cheap housing and was never contacted by his father, it never made Bieber discouraged. He proved to be a genius during his studies and graduated with good grades, where he got a GPA of 4.0 from St. Catholic High School. Michael in Stafford, Ontario, Canada. He also studied various musical instruments during his school years.

He can play piano, trumpet, guitar, and drums. His genius was also evident when Bieber solved the Rubik’s cube in less than three minutes. Bieber also can speak a little French and German. Bieber is a French immersion elementary school student in Stratford, Ontario.

Struggling from Childhood for His Passion in Music

Bieber’s talent and passion for music can be seen in his childhood. Little Bieber will join various singing competitions and learn for himself various musical instruments that make his talent in music more honed. In 2007, Bieber joined the singing competition in Stratford at the age of 12f and became the second winner of the competition.

Since then, his mother has uploaded every Bieber performance video on YouTube. Bieber joined various types of singing competitions and performed in front of the Avon Theater during the high season. His mother recorded the performance and uploaded it on YouTube and fortunately, the video was seen by a professional talent manager, Scooter Broun who later became his manager.

People know Bieber because of his wealth and glamorous life because of his success. Behind his popularity, he has experienced many ups and downs in his life which makes him stronger. Justin Bieber was born on March 1, 1994 at St. Hospital. Joseph from a single mother. He proved a genius during his studies. He has had remarkable achievements since childhood and struggled since childhood for his passion for music.

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