Justin Bieber has a huge fan where comes not only from Canada but also all around the world. A country may have more than one official website which represent their fan of the country. However, Bieber Fever is considered the biggest fan’s club website of Justin Bieber.

– Bieber Fever Official Website
This website is considered the most used and most popular among Bieber fans. This website also has many rules for the member and for the one who want to enroll as the member. However, being a member of this fan’s club need a big consideration. Before enrolling the website, they have to be a super-fan of JB other than a mediocre fan. They also have to memorize all

– JB’s songs at least his first album.
Furthermore, Bieber Fever Official Website also has community which come from a different city or even country. Beside, forum is presented to have a long discussion about Justin Bieber. Sharing his photos, videos, news, and others. The chatting forum member have to respect other member. Any news about Justin Bieber is posted in Media chart to be delivered to the forum. The member then can react to the news in forum discussion.

In addition, this website also has a quiz to win Justin Bieber’s ticket for concert. The quiz is handled for all of the member of the club. The quiz can be in form of contest where can be accessed in the special website for the quiz. The contest is commonly in the form of questions. The questions for sure is a simple one which is related to Bieber’s life such as Justin Bieber’s favorite number, birthday, or sometimes their opinion about Justin Bieber such as, do you like Justin Bieber’s new album, what do you think about Justin Bieber, and many other questions that needs to be answered faster than other contestant.

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