Even though Twitter application lately has been rarely used by people, but its existence is still considered by some people including Hollywood celebrities such as Justin Bieber. So it does not rule out the possibility of some fans also updating all information about Bieber on this social media. Therefore, the twitter accounts below are the most followed by Justin Bieber fans

3 Most followed Justin Bieber Fan’s Twitter Account
Twitter existence can still be considered good seen from the users which almost are from Hollywood celebrities. Justin Bieber for sure also has a huge twitter followers as well as his twitter fan base account. However, the 3 twitter account of JB’s fans below are the most followed account.

Most Followed Justin Bieber

1. @JustinBieberFan
This account lately reach 1.31 million followers which is created since 2009. This account has the most followed account with more than 6 thousand tweets in a complex photos and tweets about Justin Bieber. The tweets are ranging from satirical jokes to salivation reacting to Bieber’s photoshoots.

2. @JustinCrew
Another most followed Justin Bieber fan’s club on Twitter is @Justincrew. This account has approximately 1.7 million followers with 128k tweets. This account mostly contain about Bieber’s fan making fun of a photo with meme. The fan would hold something and act as they want then make a meme related to Justin Bieber on that photo.

3. @BieberArmy
This account has about 1.3 million followers and 15.8k tweets which already supported Justin Bieber career since 2009. This account contains photos of the star as well a letter within it. This is one of most followed account of Justin Bieber fans club which commonly contain photo which is comparing Justin Bieber’s look with his previous or old photos.

Those three twitter accounts are the most followed of Justin Bieber’s fans. Bieber’s fans keeps supporting their beloved pop singer on these twitter fans club. However, Bieber fandom would be competitive as it is loved by many people.

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