As dedicated fans of Justin Bieber, you may have spent quite long time becoming a member of Justin Bieber Fans Club. In the fans club, you must find plenty of people sharing the same interest in this young singer. Knowing that you are among lots of Justin Bieber’s fans, don’t you want to be the best members of all?

Don’t Go Mediocre
Don’t you dare to call yourselves Justin Bieber Fans when you just go mediocre in liking him. If you just slightly like this pop singer, you are not yet a fan. As fans of Justin Bieber, you need to be super-fans. Super fans are the ones that call themselves as Beliebers. Beliebers itself is a name for Justin Bieber’s fans that take the Belieber Community seriously. There must be big differences between ordinary fans and Beliebers. Therefore, be Beliebers, don’t just ordinary fans of him. By doing so, you could stand out from the crowd and be different from other members of Justin Bieber Fans Club.

Master the Lyrics of His Songs
Being super fans of Justin Bieber means you are already the master of the songs of Justin Bieber’s songs. You must spare some time memorizing his song lyrics because this is a very essential thing of being Beliebers. You must know that every real Beliebers know and master all of Justin Bieber’s songs. To start mastering the lyrics of Justin Bieber’s songs, you could start with his older songs in My World and My World 2.0 albums. Find the classic songs of Justin Bieber such as Baby (from My World 2.0 Album) and One Time (from My World Album) to start. From those songs, build up the mastery of Justin Bieber’s song lyrics.

Create Justin-Bieber-Related-DIY
Last but not least, to be the members of Justin Bieber fans club, you need to work with your creativity to create Justin-Bieber-Related DIY. This DIY project could even be more meaningful than just simply purchasing the merchandise of Justin Bieber. This DIY project could also be another alternative to purchasing the merchandise in case you cannot afford them. What you can make is simply home-made art containing the pictures of Justin Biebers organized in artistic pattern. Show other members that you are also creative!

So, have you done those things above? Dare yourself enough to be different from other members of Justin Bieber Fans Club. Make a Justin-Bieber-Related DIY project, for example, then snap a photo of the result, and share with other members. Cool, huh?

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