There are a lot of funs that we can find in Justin Bieber Fans Club. However, to enjoy the fun from the content in the fans club, we need to take care of our membership in the related fans club. Some fans clubs even have special requirements and even fee. Make sure you know the detailed information below:

Membership Package
Although not all, there are some Justin Bieber fans clubs that will charge you some money if you decide to be the members of the fans club. Before registering yourself and paying some money, make sure that you know about the kinds of membership packages the fans club offer.

Knowing such information is important as different membership package will offer different facility for you. Besides, different membership package will charge you with different prices. Some examples of the kinds of membership package are like yearly membership, quarterly membership, a half-year membership, or even monthly membership.

If you think you are still not really sure you can stay in the fans club for a long time, you could pick the short term of membership package. Then at the end period of the membership, you could decide whether you will extend the membership or not. Meanwhile, you think you really like the fans club along with all the contents and facilities, go register yourself to the yearly membership package. Learn the details of the fans club first before you pick any of the membership package.

Membership Fee

Membership Fee
Equally important, you also need to understand the membership fee charged to you. Short membership package like monthly package is usually more expensive than the yearly one, and vice versa. To give you some example, the membership fee of BieberFever fans club is $99 per year and $26.97% per quarter.

With such amount of money paid, the members will be given certain facilities like Justin Bieber’s concert ticket with special price, free merchandise with the ticket purchase, early information about pre-sales, update about the upcoming World Tour of Justin Bieber, and even free tickets. Different fans club will provide different kinds of facilities as how different fans club will charge the members with different membership fee.

To make sure that your activities in a Justin Bieber Fans Club are running well, make sure you know the detailed information about the membership package along with the membership fee. Choose the package that seems to be the most convenient for you!

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