Whether public approve or not, Justin Bieber Fans Club is probably the biggest fans club available. It takes almost 30% of the total fans of the other idols. With this number, anything could literally go viral within minutes. Then how to let them know about the great Justin Bieber project?

– Email
As there are many fan bases, the most effective way is contacting by email. Visit their website and go to contact us tab. Usually, there will be a form to fill. This setting might not be the best option. If possible, try to go through the website and find certain email address. It goes directly to the admins inbox.

This email address could also be found in the social media. Surf a while in the internet, and visit the Belieber’s page. The information about the contact and email address is usually found in the left side of the page.

– Forum
Another good place to spread Justin project is a forum. Some sites offer free entry forum. It means anyone could step in and join the discussion. There is no need to register as the official member first. A forum is considered one of the most accurate option, as the number of people reached could be seen clearly.

Even though forum could be the promotion shortcut, the promoter has to be extra careful. Not all of them are fond of intruders, especially those who come just to promote and then leave. Make sure to blend in the conversation before publishing the announcement.

How To Contact With Justin Bieber Fans Club– Gathering
While email and forum could be categorized as the online marketing, gathering is the real life side. The promoter could easily find the information about the monthly and annual gathering. Again, blending is important. Never try to come and hand out pamphlets to all of them.

The natural way to join the gathering is preparing gifts. The promoters could also give a little funding support to the committee. In return, the promoters could ask for a minute or two speech, announcing about the project and how they hope the fan club could contribute. Isn’t it simple?

In a promotion strategy, it is important to include thousand people to join an event. One of the strongest fan base is the Beliebers. Any event project that includes Justins music will attract Justin Bieber Fans Club. Instead of waiting for them to come, why don’t you just come and knock at their door?

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