There is Nothing than Being Good Friends between Justin, Hailey, and Shawn – What will be in public opinion when there are Justin, Hailey Bieber, and Shawn Mendes at the same location? There is a no way they will escape paparazzi which waiting for them to spill the tea. Rumours can be made, but the truth is what we can see from them.
• They were Spotted in the Same Location at the Same Time
What trigger this issue again is just because the three of them are spotted in the same location at the same time. As the public knows, Hailey and Shawn had been in relationship months before Hailey married Justin. Hailey went to the Met Gala with Shawn in 2018, so then the public saw them as couples, but then Hailey and Bieber got together again.

On August, 19th 2020, the three of them were seen together on a home studio which triggers speculation on Justin and Shawn having a collaboration. Justin was together with Hailey, and they were hanging out with Shawn, just like good friends. They seem so cool about their relationship now and just seem to relax about what the public may speculate about them.

• The Tension is Gone
Back then, Justin and Shawn were professional rivals since many fans compared them side by side, from career to love relationship. Then, when there was Hailey between them, and the tension seems to grow. However, now they seem to be good friends with no tension anymore, even in the matter of professional since there is speculation of Justin and Shawn having collaboration. Rather than making such speculation, players may spend more time on the game and place more bet, which can lead them to the jackpots.

• Where is Camila?
Not only because the three celebrities hanging out together, but the public was also interested in who wasn’t there. Many ask where is Camila and whether Shawn and Camila have broken up. There is a chance for that to have happened. However, fans argued that Camila and Shawn are still together, but just not hanging out with Shawn, Justin, and Hailey at that time.

They were just chilling out together and may work together. Fans should be chill out too and just anticipate Justin and Shawn collaboration since if it happens, it will be phenomenal.

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